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DNG offers a variety of scales to fit your requirements. Designed with precision, safety, and hygiene for whole fish, fillets, or pieces, you can achieve any level of precision. Take your production line to the next level.


Conventional Scale

Conventional scale for industrial use, durable, good quality weighing scale that can withstand rugged industrial environments.


Packing Scales

The product is collected in bins that have a weight monitoring system connected to them. When the desired weight is reached the bin input will close and the output will open, collecting the product into the packagin…


Dosing Scale

DNG’s dosing scale is characterized by its robust and hygienic design. Our scales are proven to perform extremely fast, accurately, and reliably in harsh working conditions. Select the dose you want the ...


Whole Fish Flow Scale

DNG whole fish flow scale is designed to grade anything by weight into as many grades as needed. The DNG next-generation grader software is very versatile allowing grading to be designed to fit most...


Hopper Scale

Hopper scales are designed for weighing a continuous product flow into batches for packing and other purposes. The unit consists of a stainless steel hopper, load cell, and pneumatic jacks on a robust frame.


We work closely with our customers on customized solutions. DNG by Slippurinn has extensive experience in the design and installation of production lines and in adapting our solutions to the existing equipment.

We offer designs and drawings for modern factories where efficiency and utilization are the guiding principles.

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