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DNG offers full range service for roe – caviar factories. Here are few samples of machines we designed and built for a caviar factory in Iceland, these machines can be tailored to your needs.


Roe Separator

The roe continuous separator is a processing machine that by feeding thawed/fresh fish eggs it separates the fish eggs from the fish skins in one continuous process.


Roe Stirring Frame

The roe – caviar stirring frame is designed to mix the roe with ingredients for the final product. The caviar tub is transferred onto the structure that then spins the tub and combines all the elements. The tub is secure on the ...


Roe Tank

This roe – caviar tank is used for the storage and stirring of roe. The roe is mixed with ingredients for the final product.


Roe Tank Lift

After the caviar/roe has been mixed and processed, this roe tank lift lifts the roe tank so that it can pore into the roe cooling tank.


Roe Cooling Tank

The roe – caviar is transferred to this cooling tank after the processing for cooling and desalting purposes.


We work closely with our customers on customized solutions. DNG by Slippurinn has extensive experience in the design and installation of production lines and in adapting our solutions to the existing equipment.

We offer designs and drawings for modern factories where efficiency and utilization are the guiding principles.

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